A playful condo designed for a bachelor pad as a launch pad. The interiors are design as a playhouse giving a loft an industrialized makeover with interactive art and vintage furnishings.
A beautiful loft in South Point in Miami Beach is the recipient of an outstanding art collection and breathtaking views. The design provides a framework for the art collection and embraces the views. In the dining area, minimal but unique furniture blends with the beauty of the owner’s collection and the special views.
A small renovation unveils the beauty of the traditional cathedral ceilings.  Leaving the exposed wood ceiling as a main event, the rest of the living spaces work as accents while drawing the eye up.
Gray limestone-flooring transitions to rich-veined travertine in the master bedroom. The space features a warm space that features a teak headboard with attached custom design floating tables. The master bedroom “Sandscapes" doors turn upside-down to create different designs.
The linear strokes of white picture frames, oversized French door panels and bed-abutting tables are interrupted only by the soft haven of the bed’s linens. Delicate details are found in the baccarat table lamp by Jean Adnet and Eva Zeisel’s glass vases.
In a sleek light -filled Miami apartment, white is the operative word . White leather dining chairs accompany a wenge table.<br />
This small beach loft combines the casual atmosphere of a beach apartment while also providing the practicality and comfort of a hotel suite.
This house holds a collection of mid-century furniture and Latin-American art that recreates  moments that have celebrated life.
Playful yet straightforward, this imaginative penthouse captures the owner’s distinctive character and the designer's magical thinking. A George Nakashima chair and “ forest in winter” form a gallery-like vignette in the hallway to the master bedroom.<br />
The house is entirely about materials and the use of water and light, the way the sunlight reflects through space interchanging shadows as the day goes by.
This beautiful renovation was about reclaiming what was under the skin and discovering the brilliant Mid-Century Modern house that stood in all its bare simplicity.
The living room has a clay-red paint to soften the ridged gray of the apartment’s polished concrete ceiling and floors. Vintage furniture and textures bring contrast to the space.
The dining room is surrounded by two metal chain ball cascades that allow light bulbs to be placed anywhere within the volume of chains.
The dining room has a musicality that blend with the serene views of the sunsets. Simple but playful objects are part of the interiors at all times.
The outdoor gallery serves as a ceremonial space that celebrates the beauty of tropical light and transition through the various rooms of the house. The gallery is supported by mahogany columns detailed with stainless steal abstractions of a palm tree motif.
The complete house has great flow; the rooms are spacious, simple and airy.
Without apologies, the design of the house combines seemingly ordinary trinkets with expensive pieces living together in harmony. A collection of pottery is contrasted with a teak wall shelving system, bringing the colors back to nature and enhancing the beauty of each piece.
A classical art deco fireplace surrounded by classic modern furniture returns dignity to the house.
A restoration of a 1940's Miami beach home gracefully transforms into a bayside beauty as it embraces its modern roots. Throughout the house, the excess has been stripped away to let the original and far more sculptural architecture truly shine.
To anchor the living room, a Vladimir Kagan omnibus sofa creates a space within a space. The composition overlooks a beautiful view of the bay as well as creating a natural flow around the different art walls of the living room.
Wide vertical slats of Brazilian Ipe wood create a tropical plaza. The ground's floors are topped with a concrete slab, typically relegated as garage and storage spaces. This tropical plaza represents refuge from the sun while allowing the breeze to flow under the home.
The design of the apartment blends the contrasting views over the city and bay with the edgy collection of the owners.
A very small space and limited budget gave us the opportunity to explore with recycled room dividers to make a flexible space. The resulting design is a mix of art installations integrated with furniture design. All are interactive, versatile and practical.
Simple, earthy and severed form the ground, it reflects the modesty and need for privacy of its owners. On the seaside, the house opens up to embrace the water, a park and other views.
This house and artist studio longed for open, indoor and outdoor spaces with a mix of Floridian, Caribbean and Latin-American influences.
The living room, with its perfect scale and cross ventilation, is so special and genuine to this period. The room feels like a extension of the gardens and corridors.
The pool Cabaña has been re-opened in order to embrace its original intent. It now serves as a stately shade structure and airy guesthouse.
The pool house’s spiral staircase creates a color composition of bleached linen and silt.
A sense of memory and Caribbean style are combined in harmony in the small pool Cabaña bedroom.
The home is filled with airy furnishings that add a soft and breezy retraint.
In a Miami master bedroom, serenity, privacy and the creation of  a zen-like atmosphere, be it morning or evening was the goal, along with a total ocean front experience. A custom lucite bed floats in the space
The modern yet warm room, has tufted furniture from Luminaire. The ceilings are designed to be clean, with no exposed mechanicals. The AC is coming from the cove. the point is for the ceiling to be sculputeral and meant to bounce light.  There is a terrazzo floor.
Here, an undulating walnut ceiling is a focal point in the dining room in a modern Miami house. In the foreground there is covered, yet outdoor living room that is open to the dining room and the outside garden.
This cool white loft in Miami has been accented with hot tropical colors.
The study /media room, with black leather furniture, has a <br />
desk made from a rustic slab of wood from Costa Rica.
A loft-like Miami apartment outfitted in all white, with Wenge wood  furniture. The walls elegant grid pattern has been executed in white lacquer.
The all white apartment is accented with color using accessories, art and objects. Here fuscia and orange pillows bring a vibe of Miami into the otherwise serene space.
A 1930s  French table designed by Raymond Subes,  made of marble and iron, brings some Art Deco flavor to a Miami apartment.
A flat screen television is inset into the all white grid patterned walls, which were elegantly lacquered.
Blue:  sky, balcony, water,  even the glass topped table. What else is there to say.. perfection. Just add sunshine.
White on white in the a dining room, with a spectacular view of the ocean. Clean and crisp.
White, blue and black dominate this modern loft space. There are ebonized (black) floors, black patent leather walls and custom curved white sofas. Juxtaposed with that are a pair of midnight blue accent chaise lounges.
A  bedroom suite, takes advantage of views of Intracoastal canal in Florida. There is a spare<br />
custom white lacquer platform bed, and a custom white cotton area rug from India. Painting by Russell Sharon.
The dining table and chairs are by Jean-Michel Frank, from Gallery BAC in New York. The 1930s rug is Swedish; custom-made pedestals of French limestone support Swedish cast-iron urns from the ’20s.
The overall concept for the living room was to establish elegance, comfort and sophistication, using easy and inviting furniture. Furniture floats on all white Thassos marble floors, and on a custom turquoise silk area rug with a leather border. There are white leather chairs by J. Robert Scott, and a Sofa by Phillipe Starck. A modern sculpture adds drama to the serene space.
Luxurious furnishings and great art are always in style. Especially when Miami ocean views are the focal point.
An open air dining and entertaining area that is a part of larger roof terrace has a custom designed white concrete dining table and powder coated orange with white mesh outdoor stools from 1966 Collection by Richard Schultz.

Modern Interior Design for Your Miami Home

Modern design has actually part of the Miami vernacular for decades. Morris Lapidus, one of America’s modernist visionaries imbued Miami Beach with his distinctive version. He was part of the movement known as “modernism”  which rejected the ornate detailing of earlier periods. Modern design embraces clean lined forms and an adherence to a certain  rigor and discipline, that distinguishes it from all other styles.  It embodies the look that is natural to Miami and much of South Florida. Yet modern doesn’t have to mean cutting edge or cold, it’s often warm, spare, yet tranquil. The type of materials, whether metal, stone, glass or concrete, are utilized in very precise, deliberate ways. Minimalism and sleekness are characteristics of modern design, combined with an atmosphere of simplicity and ease.

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