Located along a trellis-shaded deck off the top-level living room, at Le Sereno Villas, the swimming pool opens onto sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea of St. Barths.
With the Panama hat as an inspiration, at the Guanahani Hotel & Spa, on St Barth, the bungalow's ceiling architecture protects the space under its canopy. While is is also elegant and speaks to the quality of the experience guests have here.
At Le Sereno Villas resort, on St. Barth in the French West Indies, three private villas sit atop a grassy hillside overlooking the Caribbean. The two-story homes are oriented to maintain privacy from one another.
The rough stone wall that continues into the ceiling contrasts with the smooth wooden floor, both of which melt into the crystal waters of a hotel swimming pool.
The renowned Guanahani Hotel & Spa, on St Barths  the design created a vibe that is uplifting, inspired and stimulating. Guests are motivated by the legacy of exploration. Open to the views, it is an intimate retreat.<br />
Wooden trellises wrapping around the upper level living-dining room help shade the decks overlooking the sea, at Le Sereno Villas, On St. Barths.
In Rimini, Italy, this hotel embodies the culture of sustainability. The entrance welcomes guests into a new dimension. The space is enclosed by thick vegetation and spectacular walls that, and a modern white sofa that also feels organic in shape.<br />
<br />
On St. Barths, the Serenity Suite at the Guanahani Hotel & Spa  is casual, light, simple and calm. This room is inspired by the patina of age --that the elements lend to all things on the Caribbean island and encourage by the memories of family at the beach.
The architecture at Le Sereno Villas, (done by a Miami designer) like St Barth itself, melds European sophistication with a relaxed Caribbean spirit. It’s urbane sophistication tempered to the tropics.
The design of the Guanahani Hotel & Spa on St Barths is a history of layers; each room seems to contain the memories of a different owner across many times periods.
The interiors of the Guanahani Hotel & Spa on St Barths carry the experience of the architecture and landscape into the rooms. Each room evokes a different vision of the world, has its own character and creates the story of a different persona.
In each room at the Guanahani Hotel & Spa on St Barths it  feels lived-in and alive, narrating the past and present of its habitants while documenting the history of the island.
At Le Sereno, the structures are built into a rugged hillside overlooking the Caribbean, each of the two stories villas has a series of complex façade systems, from motorize shutters to movable slatted-wood screens in front of the sliding glass doors update the traditional plantation shutters, putting a modernist twist on that staple of Euro-Caribbean style.
At the Guanahani Hotel & Spa on St Barths  each room proposes a new Caribbean contemporary style that uses its own cultural references rather than borrowing from other tropical destinations.
The Le Sereno Villas hewed to a relative traditional but streamlined contemporary aesthetic, with slightly pitched roofs that don’t register as strongly as the clean horizontal lines of the Ipe wood siding, decks, banisters and trellises wrapping the villas.
Even in the bathrooms of the Guanahani Hotel & Spa, the design of the hotel translates colonial style by searching flow and comfort, preserving the sense of peace and traditional craftsmanship.
The Caribbean style and its creole influences have been the core of the entire project at the Guanahani Hotel & Spa on St Barths. It retains the character and history of the project but updated with a modernist twist.
Pillows and accessories are carefully chosen to add elegant and classy details in the rooms at the Guanahani Hotel & Spa on St Barths.
Each color has a meaning and value that is connected to a collective emotion associated to the energy, mood and lifestyle of each room at the Guanahani Hotel & Spa on St Barths.
The second-floor decks, enclosed by sleek ipe balustrades, shelter an outdoor dining area terrace adjoining a ground floor guest suite at the Le Sereno Villas, on St. Barths.
Relocation of the bathroom from the main volume of the bungalow created larger living and sleeping areas, and a sense of lightness in the guestroom renovation at the Guanahani Hotel & Spa on St Barths.
In the Guanahani Hotel & Spa on St Barths, guestroom bungalows, where the sun bounces off the cathedral style ceilings. It emphasizes the simple beauty of this feature. The four-pole bed creates a sense of scale within the airy suites.
Agile, young, unique and bold. The yellow suites are vibrant yellow reminiscent of tropical sun, optimism and enlightenment, at the Guanahani Hotel & Spa on St Barths.
The suites open toward the outside and become extensions of the terraces. Mirrors bring life and light to new focal points in which nature is the major component at the Guanahani Hotel & Spa on St Barths.
Le Sereno Villas on St. Barth,s has large spaces, with expanses of sliding glass doors that open to the lofty living-dining room to stunning views.
The room proposes a new Caribbean contemporary style that uses its own cultural references rather than borrowing from other tropical destinations.
The lobby at the Baronette, Renaissance Hotel in Novi, Michigan pays homage to the rich history of American 20th Century design that emerged from this region.
Local artists were commissioned to create sculptural pieces through the property of the Baronette, Renaissance Hotel. Here an installation created out of recycled paper dances above an upholstered lounge.
Library shelves hold local artifacts and books in the Baronette, Renaissance Hotel. A table made from American Walnut provides a quite spot for guests to work or gather.
A bit of whimsy, hanging basket chairs invite guests to rock themselves in the foyer or the Baronette, Renaissance Hotel.
Art, color and graphics are layered in an artful way to make small guest rooms feel elegant and also very iconic, in the  New York hotel, The Lexington.
The sculptural headboard in the EWOW suite of the W Union Square, not only brings to life the topography of Union Square but further articulates the contrasts between uptown and downtown through a contrast of colors.
At the W Hotel in New York's Union Square, classic and modern collide on this huge sectional sofa in a suite. Mirror meets leather on the coffee table. A line is literally stitched in the carpet to distinguish the clash of styles between uptown and downtown Manhattan.
A floating partition was created to separate the sleeping area from the lounge area in the larger studio rooms. The TV rotates to accommodate viewing from either location at The W Union Square, in New York.
A bit of whimsy is employed in the design of the bookcase in a hotel suite, utilizing a classic form and flattening it out. Metallic leather covers a rocking chair. W Union Square, New York.
the JW Marriott has custom designed carpets in the room create a bold but elegant statement. A custom wall covering has subtle tonal variations creating a “weathered” affect.

Hotel design for the cultured traveler

Hotels the world over are now a vibrant part of the Zeitgeist. Architects and designers are creating new environments that are much more than the sum of their parts; more than just a place to stay. This has been true in Miami, and especially on South Beach, for nearly twenty years now. When the Delano opened, it paved the way for the movement that continues, and, as seen here, is part of the look in the Caribbean as well. Often, hotel lobbies resemble European “piazzas” — grand public spaces meant for gathering, and these are the spaces where design can entertain and enchant, shock, and delight and influence cultural trends — all while being a venue to  restore travelers. Huge art installations might hang from soaring spaces, guest rooms feature modern technology and bathrooms are so sleek and elegant that we want similar versions in our homes. The group of architects and designers at the Designer Previews Miami set the bar for this important architectural and cultural genre.

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